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Low communication level, ignore from contact persons

Since I announce about my pregnancy I got nothing but ignore from my contact person - EVERY SINGLE TIME WHEN I TRY TO CALL HER somebody else pick up the phone (or not eaven) and says that " she is at the meeting" and she will call me back - SHE NEWER EVER CALLED BACK - not eaven once.... Because of it all my paper- work pregnancy related was late or done wrong! This coused me a lot of hestle. I stopped working a bit earlier than maternity leave, because of healt issues- eaven this was reporter verry late to uvw... But when it was- I got confirmation from uvw that I have right to get ziektegeld 100% paid for 40 hours per week. Star people paid only for 35 hours... And again... When I called to ask then what is with that- they could not give me straight answer, and of course - my contact person was not available at the moment- she should call me back and SHE NEWER DID. Super disappointing... Worse experience that I ever had to compare with other agencies that I worked with...

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Communication, lots of mistakes with paper work/ salaries