Terrible attitude, cheating, t

Terrible attitude, cheating, t

Worked for them for a little over 6 months. I came to work with a friend and noticed that in the same shifts we have a difference of 100 €. For 4 months no one wanted to explain anything to me, to provide documents of correctly calculated hours. Instead, every week it is not clear why they began to withdraw money from each salary. Explaining nothing. I demanded an explanation for 4 months. As a result, the company in which I worked recalculated everything for me. And it turned out that they did not count the hours correctly at all. Each last hour was taken away for 15 minutes (hour 150% salary). Where it should be 2.5 hours - they counted as 2 and another million in total. They were saved only by the fact that they doubled one amount - due to this they overpaid even taking into account the fact that they counted all hours incorrectly. And in the end, only after 4 months they told apologize to me (only because I wrote to them that they would have at least had the conscience to apologize for these 4 months). As a result, at the meeting, they showed just over the doubled amount, not paying attention at all to the fact that at other hours they count wrong too much. As if they had only one mistake, they counted more and therefore take away. And the fact that they counted the wrong hours on other days is normal for them. And they imploredly promised that this was the last. And what do you think, after that 5 more times they made mistakes and frayed all my nerves. For the last 2 days that I worked - 16 hours I wasn't paid at all. I had to figure it out again. They promised to pay. And instead of 226 (minimum it's if you work all week, but I worked only 2 days) - they sent 130 per 2 days. And my agent Jeroen Kearns began to convince me that these are the tax rules of the Netherlands - you work less - the tax is more. Like I'm a complete idiot. Of course, no one provided me with tax documents - although they are required to. They sent money after 2 days and what do you think, I wrote a day later that they would take it from vacation pay again. Terrible company, terrible attitude. Can you imagine how many people just don't check their paychecks. If they do such frauds with money, how much money they steal. I think it's time for the tax service to sort this out. And this is not all that happened in these 6 months. I do not advise save your nerves, your money. And don't bring money to these people with your hard work.

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They rob people, incorrectly calculate taxes, hours, there is no respect for the people who work for them. I don't recommend working for them.

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