Couldn't be worse.

It Was the worse employment agency that I have ever work Let me give you an advise.
Finish once and for all, with all the partnerships that you have, with unknown recruitment companies from another countries, especially from Poland, which are using unthinkable methods, where they manipulate hours, contracts, payments, labor charges and, above all, the results in production performances. Making both the employer and the local labor agencies believe that Poles and their "friends" are better workers than any other worker from any other country in the world. Sad isn't it ? A manufactured lie made for an autobence, which ends up seriously to harm, employees from other countries, especially the truly professional ones, with the highest skills, serious, honest & qualified. Certainly those ones won't last for long. Because those are a serious threat for "them", therefore they will eventually be the first target to be shot down.
Honesty, assiduity, transparency, quality and professionalism is something that is totally unknown, for them, as the Chinese language is for me.
Their working value is based on the law of "Do less as possible" .

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Everything especially... Robbery, Racism & Corruption

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